5 of the best watches in India that have stood the test of ‘Time’

Accessories are to the outfit what vitamins are to the body. Ok! Did we go overboard there? Think about it and probably not! No matter how dazzling your outfit is, without the proper accessory, you run the risk of your ensemble falling flat on its face. Teamed with the correct and the choicest of accessories, your attire gets the smack of style that’s sure to make heads turn in the soiree.  And when the talk is about accessories, nothing quite beats the stylish ticker that’s never fallen out of vogue. Wrist watches for men, if selected taking the ‘time’ it deserves, can be the most powerful yet elegant thing that you can ever wear. Also, they perfectly complement the outfit you’re in, be it that oh-so-masculine tuxedo for the darker sex or the quintessential LBD for his muse. A smart watch selected carefully teamed with appropriate clothing can deliver that telling impact; both in a party or at the workplace amidst a few jealous colleagues. And this is precisely the reason why wrist watches for men come in different design and styles and the best watch-smiths all over the world have been tirelessly at their work of bringing in even finer innovations and details with their products.

It would be a safe bet to say that most of us have watches for the occasion. Travel, party or work, each occasion demands a different watch. So for all the watch connoisseurs, we sat down and listed the top 5 watch brands in India that have stood the test of ‘time’ thus far and are worth investing every penny of yours.


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TITAN, from the house of TATA, has stood the test of time and has emerged the most trusted and most shopped brand in India. Be it your birthday or for the glitzy wedding reception night, products from the fifth largest watch maker in the world can never go wrong. Some of its more popular brands include Fastrack, Police and Sonata. Moreover, popular Bollywood celebrities have coupled with this company as its brand ambassadors, thus characterizing TITAN’s collections at the premium range.  

Models offered: Raga, Nebula, Orion, Purple, Octane, Obaku, Tycoon, Regalia, Automatic and HTSE

Type of watches: Analog, Chronograph, Analog-Digital and Digital


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One of the largest wrist watch manufacturers, CITIZEN, based in Japan, has come out with special watches such as the ECO-DRIVE that work on solar energy. The watches are the perfect mix of technical artistry and grace. Powerful attire teamed with this particular watch is sure to get you all the attention you want.

Models offered: ECO-DRIVE, Promaster, and Satellite Wave

Type of watches: Analog, Analog-Digital and Chronograph


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For years, this American powerhouse has delivered some of the best watches for men which are not only designed with an eye for precision but also sturdy. The essential inclusion in every man’s cabinet, Timex has become so synonymous with the Indian population that many still believe it’s an offshoot to TITAN and is an Indian company. With the best of craftsmen at work, Timex offers the ‘Expedition’ range for the adrenaline junkie, ‘Ironman’, for all fitness enthusiasts and ‘Intelligent Quartz’ collection for the chic and the snazzy. The new ‘Metropolitan’ range goes a step further and counts you all the calories you burn while going for a jog. Other popular TIMEX brands include Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace and Helix.

Models offered: Weekender, Expedition, Ironman, Sports Marathon, E-Class, Intelligent Quartz, Classics and Empera

Type of watches: Analog, Chronograph, Analog-Digital and Digital


guess watch acropolis mall

A posh finish combined with a very appealing design lends GUESS watches their USP. This American ticker maker boasts of several brands (GUESS Oasis, GUESS Pursuit, GUESS Sport, GUESS Dress, etc.), all of which are proven bestsellers. Also, GUESS men’s watches are reputed for being sleek yet sturdy. Flaunt a GUESS tonight and become the newest trendsetter.

Models offered: GUESS Oasis, GUESS Pursuit, GUESS Sport, GUESS Dress, Celestial, Sparkler, Viva, Vessel and others

Type of watches: Digital, Analog and Chronograph



With its variety of features and designs, the best part about a FOSSIL watch is the premium look of it. The smart-watches from this brand vis-à-vis the other brands have sold more in the Indian markets. You can also have fun customizing the design on the watch face. According to loyalists, owning a Fossil is not a matter of choice, but a necessity.

Models offered: Decker, Dean, FOSSIL ‘Q’ Wearables, Virginia, Machine, Grant, Stella, Riley, Retro Traveler, Sport, Georgia, Jacqueline, Breaker, Pilot and others

Type of watches: Analog, Chronograph, Analog-Digital and Digital.

Cannot fit all your essentials into your travel bag? Here’s a complete guide to buying the perfect travel sack that will marquee your travelogue!

A journey spanning over a hundred miles begins with the most trusted travel sack. Probably, the most important part of your journey is to pack, both light and smart. Packing everything you think you will need a single piece of luggage is no light weather. For that, the bag will need to have other features such as wheels and lock zippers. We have made this travel bag guide, exclusively for you, so that you don’t have to bolt right across to Gate E3 from Gate A1 with an embarrassingly heavy luggage.

No matter what type of a traveler you are, the frequent jet-setter, the occasional flyer or the ultimate day-tripper, you certainly needn’t have to deal with the bulky non-aesthetic bags that can spoil the little pleasures of your trip. The key here is to know what the needs of your trip are and then buy the luggage accordingly. Listed below are a few factors which should help you put your finger on the travel bag that best fits your requirements and travel plans.

How long is the journey going to be?

acropolis mall kolkataHow long do you plan to spend on the road is the primary determinant that goes into selecting your luggage. For a weekend getaway, you could do with the handsome duffel bags, but anything longer (for about a week or more) might warrant a rolling travel kit, obviously depending on your needs and the gear you want to bring.

How will you travel?

acropolis mall

Will you need connecting flights to reach your destination or a few layovers, for that matter? Does your trip also involve bus/train rides? A light carry bag (or the wheeled ones) could just be your best bet should you consider intermediate transportation. The idea is to go for something that fits in hassle free in the train’s overhead compartments.   

What is the travel type?

Are you the traveler who camps near remote waterfalls and the rocky hills or the supreme comfort seeker who decides to check into a posh suite? The amount of gear and the type of luggage will surely vary with the type of traveler in you. If a large part of your travel concerns sitting inside the premium suite at a deluxe hotel and appreciating the Thames, you should go for the rolled luggage, whereas if your camping equipment is what you swear by, a lightweight backpack is your calling.

acropolis mall kolkataWhat are you going to do on your trip?

If you have planned on lying on the nearest beach packing sarongs and bathing suits, your travel kit necessities will be vastly different than someone who has decided to embrace the mountains this time around.

acropolis mall kolkata

Your travel becomes a lot easier when you buy the correct travel bag for yourself. Now if you have figured out the demands of your travel, you can choose the most appropriate luggage that will take the entire experience to a whole new level.

Here, each type of bag with its recommended usage has been broken down in details. Take a look:

Type of bag When should you use it?
Lightweight bags On your weekend getaways, international travel, business trips (mostly the ones that involve just a day), trips that include overnight stays
Roll luggage and duffel bags Duffel for adventure trips, weekend or international trips

Rolling luggage, especially for business trips (can be used all the time though)

Backpacks (Wheeled or not wheeled) For the day-trippers, adventure travel junkies, cross nation and multi-destination travelers
Travel sacks

Mostly adventure travel and one-day trips


How to buy lingerie that leaves little to the imagination?

Knowing the ins and outs of lingerie shopping doesn’t just help you prepare for a spicy encounter with the bae, but it’s also essential for your day to day comfort and for making sure that all your outfits look nice. Here’s how to shop for the best lingerie that leaves little to the imagination.

Size does matter

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Research shows that the majority of women are unaware of their correct bra size. Bra sizes are a little complicated in the sense that they comprise of a band size and a cup size. They can exist in several combinations be it 38B or 32DD. Being aware of your proper bra size is crucial for not only health comfort but for looking good too. Discrete and friendly stores like Marks and Spencer’s has trained personnel that can measure you and help you figure out your correct bra size.

Bring some color into the bedroom

Acropolis Kolkata

While many women shirk away from getting bright colors for their lingerie collection, you must have some interesting colors in your underwear drawer. While whites, blacks and skin tones have the advantage of being wearable under everything, the occasional red or neon green is also to be appreciated. When you’re picking out lacy lingerie for a steamy night out, it goes without saying that you’ll either be wearing something that won’t show off your bra colors through it, or something that intentionally flashes a little strap or lace. So don’t be afraid to go for a statement-making bright color that’ll just drive him crazy.

Teddies, garters and more

Acropolis kolkata

Don’t be afraid to mix up your lingerie drawer with different kinds of innerwear. Stockings can be an elegant hosiery choice to go with a short dress and what better to spice up the whole outfit than a sexy garter belt? You can spice up your summer nights with a babydoll teddy to substitute your pajamas once in a while. Don’t suffer from the misconception that practical innerwear can’t be sexy too. Marks and Spencer’s has tummy control high-waist panties that are made of silk and are invisible under your tight jeans. M&S stocks bustiers that make your dress look crease-free and are embellished with lace at the edges, making you feel like a goddess.

Visit Acropolis to shop for your favorite lingerie brand.

Show your man that you know him, buy him the perfect gift

When you go shopping for a guy, it is usually tough to find something to buy. The market for women’s products is vast and hence there is a variety of choice to pick from. Whereas, it seems nearly impossible when you go shopping for gifts for men. Whether it is Valentine’s Day, your wedding anniversary or his birthday, finding gifts for men can get exhausting. Difficult as it is to find men’s products, it’s harder to find a gift that is thoughtful and shows how much you love him. With this list of gifts for men to guide you, you might find it easier to pinpoint what you should buy for your special man.

Here are five gifts that show your man that you know and love him:

Personalize a T-shirt:

acropolis kolkata

One gift that shows a man you know him is to get an item personalized. You can get a t-shirt printed with an image or a text of his favorite band or sports team. Whether he is a Barcelona fan or a fan of Mumbai Indians, or else if he likes rocking to some Metallica songs, getting a t-shirt printed out, illustrates your devotion to your beau. Your man will surely be happy to see how much you know and care about him if you gift him this printed Tee on his birthday. At Presto, you can personalize a number of different items, and getting a t-shirt printed is one of them.

Classy watch

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If you think gifts for men, watches will surely pop up. Is your man serious, important and classy? Then get him a sophisticated watch to match. There’s a whole range of timeless timepieces for you to choose from at Shoppers stop, with brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Fossil and Titan. When picking out a watch do your research and find out the kind of style he prefers. This thoughtful gift could be an ideal anniversary present. While a classy watch looks good, it will also be reminder of your love, whenever he checks his watch for time.

Movie tickets of his favorite genre

movie cinepolis acropolis

You know your hubby loves a good sci-fi movie or he is a fan of Marvel cinematic universe. Then a wonderful gift idea would be to get him some tickets, to the latest film of his favorite genre. You can go together as a couple to the cinema and watch a movie of his choice (for once!) Nothing shows a man you love him more than sitting through two hours of an action movie. Your man will surely be anticipating upcoming blockbuster flicks like Transformers: The Last Knight and Justice League. So grab some popcorn and buy tickets at Cinepolis, and revel in the glory of being the best girlfriend ever!

Top class apparels for a top class man

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Whether it is Valentine’s Day or your beau’s birthday, getting him some top class apparels could be a nice way to show him you care. If you are willing to splurge a little, then let your man be dressed to impress. For the hardworking businessman, pick out some top class formal shirts and pants from stores like Van Heusen, Louis Phillipe or Peter England, that you are confident he will like. If your mister is more easy-going, then some trendy casual wear at Jack &Jones or UCB would be perfect.

Sporty Shoes:

Two things that guys care about are sports and their shoes. What better way to combine these two than with a pair of sporty shoes, as a gift for your other half. If your man is athletic or likes to work out, and his old shoes are worn, then he will be longing for a pair of new sports shoes. Puma and Addidas are some of the top athletic brands, where you will find an array of trendy as well as sporty shoes. Pick out a pair according to your man’s preference, and he will definitely be impressed.

Can’t go beyond a teddy bear and chocolates? Here is a list of her favorite birthday gifts!

A birthday has to be made all sunshine and rainbows, a profusion of happy colors and a rich source of memories. Let’s not be so much preoccupied with teddy bears and chocolates! The world has so many exciting things to offer. Why should you stick to the same old stuff? Birthday gifts are meant to be memorable and supposed to work wonders for her. Think of these birthday gifts before you sing her the next birthday song!  

Yummilicious birthday cakes personalized!

birthday cakes

How can a birthday go without a birthday cake? A cake is integral to many occasions, but it is the heart of a birthday.  And when the birthday cake is personalized, it’s an additional icing on the cake (Pun intended). Edible inks could pour your messages or pictures on the cake with love, and make it exclusive! You can find a creative range of such cakes in places like Presto. This is one of the very few birthday gifts which is going to make her feel special effortlessly.

Personalized photo frames or stand clocks could be magic!

personalised photoframesPhoto frames or clocks are some of the most awesome birthday gifts you could make your girl feel loved with. You could make it lovelier by adding a personal touch to it. Presto allows you to choose from an interesting collection of personalized photo frames with ceramic tiles or stand clocks. Frames tell stories, so do clocks!

Kurtas or something ethnic!

acropolis kurtis

Say it with an elegant kurta from global desi, W or fabindia which is going to make her look super classy! Revive her love for ethnic and your love for her!

Sunglasses could be a really brilliant idea!


You get lost in her eyes, yet don’t think of what they love? Sunglasses are amazing birthday gifts which show you care. A place like Sunglass Hut can offer you a stunning range of cool and funky shades. They are so tempting!

Scarves are so adorable!

acropolis mall

Let her embrace a beautiful scarf this birthday which is going to enhance her grace. Scarves are so flexible; they could go with almost anything and still retain their distinct charm. Shoppers Stop houses some cool and colorful scarves from reputed brands. Help her accentuate her beauty!

Jewelry is a woman’s best friend!


Embellish her beauty with some glamorous fashion jewellery. Let her sparkle more on her birthday. If your woman is obsessed with jewellery, you don’t need to think of any other birthday gifts. Fashion jewellery would well suffice! You can check into stores like Voylla or Saakshi and find a pendant, a bracelet or a pair of earrings for her.

Backpacks are cool!

acropolis kolkata

Checked out some of the latest cool backpacks from Wildcraft or American Tourister? If she has a flair for travel, she will be really needing them. Show how you care by picking up the bag she wants!

It’s time to break the stereotypes and introduce her to a world of novelty! Henceforth, Think differently when it comes to birthday gifts. Come and Shop at Acropolis.

6 thoughtful gift ideas for your grandparents

Be it the yummy treats that you were always welcomed with, or the unconditional support that you continuously receive, the presence of your grandparents can mean a lot in your life. They are the ones who provide you with unadulterated love, choose you over their own children and pray for your well-being every single day. Hence, when it comes to showering them with your love, you have to ensure that you get the best for them. Listed below are six thoughtful gifts that you can pamper your grandparents with:

A movie that they love


There is always someone in everybody’s life that sets the epitome of being the perfect couple. In many cases, it may be your grandparents. Their unquestionable bond of love is something that you have always witnessed in your growing up years. Hence, taking them out for a movie date can be an ideal gift on your behalf. A hopelessly romantic Nicholas Sparks movie or a classic would fit the bill perfectly for the romantic couple. If your grandparents are lovers of fantasy, you can also opt for the latest Pirates of the Caribbean series. Cinepolis offers the experience of reclining and capacious seats that will surely make them comfortable to enjoy the movie. Make sure that there is a popcorn bucket for munching!

Spa treatment

spa treatment

Remember as a kid, on your weekends when you were given the best oil massage by your loving grandma? Hence it goes without saying that taking your grandparents out for a relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatment could be a nice thoughtful gift. A body spa at The Thai Spa or a hair spa at Eyecatchers can refresh their body, mind and soul.

Lunch Date

acropolis kolkata

Taking your grandparents out on a lunch date can be a lot of fun. You can spend time together, listening to the crazy stories involving your parents and reminisce about your childhood days. There are multiple fine dining options like Chili’s, Acropolis and Asia Kitchen. A complete Chinese platter or an authentic continental dish accompanied by a glass of vintage wine can be the ultimate lunch date that you can have. Although it probably would be you who has to eat the most, as grandparents always tend to have a notion that their grandchildren never eat enough but the time that you spend together will be remembered and cherished forever.    

A step towards good health

indian parents jogging

Health is a wealth that should be in everyone’s possession. With the advancement of age, taking care of your health becomes much more important. Encourage your grandparents to go for regular walks. The best way to convince them is to gift them a pair of walking shoes. This way, they will not say no to you and at the same time, they will get to spend some quality time together every day on their daily walks. When it comes to comfort, Adidas and Puma are the best places to go to.

Capture and Frame Moments

aqcropolis kolkata

The moments of today will eventually become the memories of tomorrow. You may not be able to capture the moments but you can always seal the memories in the happy smiles and poses. A happy family picture portraying the bond of togetherness, framed in an equally appealing photo frame is a gift that will be admired and appreciated by your grandparents all their lives. Gift shops like Fondu Basket and Presto have very unique and incredible designs that you can choose from. After all, marvelous pictures do deserve a decorous frame.

Customized Gifts


Nothing works best than a gift with a personalized touch. Your grandparents are sure to love such things. It can be a key chain with a family picture, a coffee mug depicting their favorite quote, or a cushion bearing a meaningful message. You can also customize a t-shirt with their names or pictures that they can flaunt in their future selfies when holidaying.

Visit Acropolis to find your perfect gift and show your grandparents that you truly love them.

10 gifts that will make the bride and groom feel blessed

Finding the perfect wedding gift can be quite complicated. Being one of the most important milestones of your friend or relative’s life, you would want to get them a gift that suits the occasion. While some people would rather get the bride and groom something for their new home, such as appliances, other would opt for something more creative or personal. Here are ten beautiful gift ideas, one of which is sure to be the perfect fit for the newlyweds.

His and Her Perfumes


A perfume is a great gift for any occasion. Not only is it both personal and useful, it can be bought in any price range. Couple themed wedding gifts have become increasingly popular as wedding presents in our country. It is definitely one of the most appropriate wedding gifts to give to a close friend on his/her wedding. His and her perfume sets are available from all kinds of brands, both luxury and high-end as well as more affordable ones. Parcos stocks perfumes of all kinds if you’re looking for a high-end perfume set for the bride and groom to be. If you’re looking for something more affordable Body Shop has exquisite gift sets for all kinds of occasions.

A Rice Cooker

acropolis kolkata

If you’re looking for something to help set up the newlywed’s new home, you should consider getting them an appliance instead of something snazzy and less practical. A rice cooker is a great choice if the bride and groom to be are on the younger side or will be living without their elders for the first time. A rice cooker can be a boon to young professionals who don’t have a lot of time on their hands.


acropolis kolkata

If you would like to gift a bride and groom something a little more decorative, but still want your gift to make a practical contribution to their home, then bookends should be a cool creative gift that they’ll love. Not only does it have the added advantage of seeming more personal, if the newlyweds love to read, but it can still be an edgy decorative tough for any coffee table.

A Sindoor Jar

acropolis kolkata

A sindoor jar or sindoor dani is one of the more traditional presents that you can consider for a relative’s or formal acquaintance’s wedding. This is a present that is not only traditional and practical, but it can also suit all kinds of budgets. While a silver sindoor dani is the preferred choice for most people, there are many porcelain, crystal and hand painted options available as well. If you’re looking for one on the thriftier side, porcelain would be the choice. But if you want to go for something more extravagant, there are sindoor danis made of gold or ones embellished with jewels.

Gift Vouchers

Though it may be considered a bit impersonal, most people are quite happy to receive gift vouchers for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Gift vouchers are a win-win wedding present, as you get to show the new couple that you care and they get to pick out whatever they want for themselves. Stores like Shoppers’ Stop let you have personalized gift vouchers made for any amount that you find suitable. The new couple can shop for home-ware and linens or even clothes and accessories, choosing from a variety of different sections.


acropolis mall kolkata

While this is not an appropriate present for all weddings, it might just be the best present to get a close girlfriend. What better way to show your friend that you’re proud of her for scoring a hubby than a nice lacy set of lingerie from Mark’s and Spencer’s Lingerie and Beauty?

Ethnic Clothes


If lingerie is too much of a risqué choice for a wedding present, you might want to consider gifting the happy couple some ethnic clothing to wear while they’re newly married. Stores like 109F and Aurelia have traditional clothes made with a smart and modern take that would be just perfect for the new couple.

Personalized Coffee Mugs

acropolis mall kolkata

Personalized coffee mugs are a gift appropriate for any occasion. A set of nice mugs with the happy couples’ faces on them and wishing them a good marriage is just what they would like to wake up to. Shops like Presto personalize all kinds of things for such occasions, be it coffee mugs or throw pillows.


acropolis kolkata

Gadgets are a great present for the modern bride and groom. Depending on your budget and the newlyweds’ interests, you can get them anything from speakers for their new home to cell phone accessories or a Handycam to document their new life together. Store like Imagine and Canon should be good for browsing those options.



Although more of a present for the bride rather than the groom, jewelry is a great wedding present in both the traditional and the modern sense. While the bride might have gotten her fill on heavy jewelry before the wedding, you can always get her an elegant set for daily work-wear.  If you’re looking to splurge, you can opt for simple gold earrings or a platinum pendant, or if you’re looking for something on a modest budget, you can get fashion jewelry from stores like Voylla. Visit Acropolis to find the perfect gift to shower.


7 timeless watch brands for the women of tomorrow

Time may not always be in your hands, but a watch can definitely be. It is an accessory that you not only love wearing and flaunting, but it can also be a purposeful gift signifying an important event of your life. In that way, it will always remind you of your achievements in life. Here is a list of 7 leading brands of watches that you can choose from before you make your final decision to bring any one of these elegant beauties home:

Titan Raga

Acropolis mall kolkataWhen it comes to ladies watches, the Raga collection from Titan can never be left behind. Each model has been designed exquisitely, keeping in mind the women of tomorrow. This collection proudly features designs carved intricately with precious stones. They are more like jewelry pieces that are cherished for a lifetime. Whether your choice is floral or abstract, you are sure to find a piece here that matches your preference.


acropolis mall kolkata

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends, Giordano boasts of premium quality and pure sophistication. The excellent craftsmanship can be easily recognized in the style and comfort of these uniquely designed products. Considered to be one of the best when it comes to watchmaking, Giordano has a wide range of watches suitable for various special occasions in your life. You can opt for both leather and stainless steel watches, in different color variants like white, black, steel or rose gold. Make your choice and you are sure to get the best out of it.

Tommy Hilfiger

acropolis mall kolkata

The widely known brand of watches, Tommy Hilfiger has an elegant collection of ladies watches, ideal for the modern independent woman. The innovative watches add a pinch of magical glamor to your regular style. There are multiple options available for you, from leather bands to metallic straps, with attractive colors ranging from classic white to sober rose gold. The sparkling bright embellishments around many of the dials of the watches ideally complement your sparkling personality.  Stylish and graceful, it is a must-have accessory for every woman.


guess women watches

Explore the currents trends in fashion to find the watch that is tailor made for you. Keeping in mind the preferences of today’s woman, Guess has a wide assortment of design to offer. The signature styles, combined with excellent quality makes it a highly desirable and loved product. If you are a lover of all things vintage, there are a lot of minimalistic designs that provide an aesthetic appeal. Be it spring or summer, you are sure to find one that matches your every mood.


acropolis mall kolkata

A watch is a functional timeless accessory; apart from being a fashion statement, it is also a necessity. Fossil is well known for its premium designs that you can wear on all occasions, be it work or leisure. Many a time it is considered rude if you take your phone out to find out the time, especially if you are in a formal meeting. Therefore, if you do intend to wear one, it better be one of the best ones, just like you!


dkny women watches

DKNY has made its reputation by manufacturing quality watches. It has a wonderful collection of ladies watches, taking into consideration the tastes and preferences of the modern woman. As it is believed that a watch reflects your individuality, DKNY focuses on intricate details while manufacturing the trendiest of the watches. It offers both the stainless steel and leather band collections.

Anne Klein

anne klein women watches

Anne Klein offers a fresh collection of ladies watches that you are sure to love. Whether it is for you or your loved ones, there is always something in store. The combination of elegant design and fine mechanism makes it a must-have accessory. You can also choose from multiple color options like black, gold, white, steel, rose gold, etc.

Visit Acropolis to shop for your favorite brands of watches.

Can’t decide what should you get for your best friend’s wedding? Here are some fabulous gift ideas

Your best friend is getting married and you want to show her/him you care. There are many ways to express your love, one of which is telling your best friend and their spouse, that you wish them, all the best in their marriage. One of the best ways to do this is to pick out a wedding gift that is both thoughtful and loving. However, finding the right gift takes time and effort. Sometimes a busy schedule can make it tough for you to find the time to pick out the perfect gift.

Here is a list of fabulous ideas for gifts that are handpicked, just for you:

  1. Mixer:

As the couple begins their married life, they will need certain kitchen appliances and tools to prepare their meals. Gifting them a juicer, mixer, blender or a food processor, will be helpful as they start their new life. This wedding gift is considerate while also being practical and functional. Visit Spencers, and pick out an electrical appliance that you think, will make the most fabulous wedding gift ever.

acropolis malls kolkata

  1. Personalized photo frame:

If “A picture is worth a thousand words”, then it goes without saying that the frame holding it, speaks just as much. Getting the newlyweds a personalized photo frame will definitely show them how much you care. You can take your pick from the variety of photo frames available at the Presto store. Presto also allows you to personalize items, which means, your gift will be thoughtful as well as aesthetically appealing. If you want to go above and beyond, find a picture of the couple that you can frame for them as a present.

  1. Scented candles:

A brightly lit, colorful candle that emanates sweet fragrances can set the mood for a romantic evening. Couples that are just married, would enjoy romantic candle-lit dinners. You can make this happen, by gifting them a collection of scented candles. There are boxes of multi-colored candles available at Fondu basket, which makes the hunt for a thoughtful wedding gift, so much easier.

scented candles at acropolis

  1. Wedding gift basket:

Fondu basket hosts a variety of gifts and trinkets that you could put together in a gift basket. Creating a customized gift basket, is an absolutely wonderful way to say that you care. You can select a few items that you know your best friend loves and add something special for their spouse-to-be. After filling the basket with delightful goodies, you can decorate and embellish the outside, for additional flare.

wedding gifts

  1. Canon Camera:

A camera enables the married couple to capture every momentous occasion that they embark upon, on this new journey. As a wedding gift, you can present your best friend and his/her spouse with a canon camera. The Canon store is equipped with a range of some of the best cameras available. This is a thoughtful, caring and generous way to show your buddy, just how much you care.


Visit Acropolis where we have gift stores like Spencers, Presto, Fondu Basket & much more to find the perfect gift for your best friend.

Thinking of spicing up your home – Here are 7 accessories that you should opt for

They say that there’s no place like home. The place you go back to after a hard day’s work and the place you spend time with the most important people in your life should reflect all the love and vibrancy that you and your family experience in it.


A home décor accessory that is all the rage as well as economical, dreamcatchers add a classy whimsical touch to any room. This is one of the easiest DIY home accessories that you can learn to make on the internet.

Dream catchers

Personalized Throw Pillows

acropolis mall kolkata

Throw pillows are home accessories that add a comfy homey feeling to any room. Family pictures are a must for personalizing your space as well as adding a soul to your home. So throw pillows that double as family pictures could be a creative way to make your house a home. Shops like Presto can not only personalize your throw pillows to display your family pictures, you can also opt to add your favorite quotes to them or add your own touch to them any way you want.

A Funky Bookshelf

acropolis mall kolkata

Any bibliophile worth their salt likes to flaunt their collection of books by keeping their bookshelf on display in their living room or study. While you can never go wrong with a classic bookshelf with all kinds of titles displayed neatly for everyone to browse, bookshelves in geometric designs have been the rage for the last couple of years. Not only do these add an edgy look to your living room, depending on the type you choose, it can make organizing your books by genre and author a lot more efficient.

A Standing Towel Rack

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While a regular towel rack might suffice for your towel-hanging needs, a standing towel rack can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom décor. Made of thin steel bars, standing towel racks let you arrange your clean towels in a decorative manner for your guests to use. They are simple bathroom accessories but make a world of difference to the look and feel of your bathroom. They can be purchased at any departmental store with a home and bath section, such as Shoppers’ Stop.

Book Stack Furniture

bookstacked furniture

Another easy DIY, that can add a touch of old-school class to your home is making furniture or home accessories out of book stacks. You can place the glass top of a coffee table on a stack of old books to give an antique look to your center table. You can strap a cushion to a stack of old magazines and turn it into a nice comfy stool or footrest.

Flower Vases

flower vases

While this might be the oldest chapter in the home décor book, flower vases are timeless for a reason. Some flowers can liven up even the dampest of atmospheres, so having nice vases to keep them in is the motivation you need to bring some flowers into the house. Departmental stores such as Shoppers’ Stop stock flower vases in their home décor section. There are a number of stores that have flower vases in various designs that can match your furniture and color schemes.


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While mirrors are a necessity around the house, they are also a great interior design element. A framed wall hanging can bring some much-needed structure to an empty wall space. While the most obvious way to deal with this is with framed photographs, framed wallpaper, maps and theater tickets. Mirrors fall into this category as they can be matched with every room’s décor, coming with classic metallic frames or funky and creative ones that almost look like sculptures.

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