Planning to go on a tour – Don’t forget to shop bags at Acropolis

Holidays are coming, and the traveler inside you is screeching for a break to visit the forests and the mountains, the beaches or the plains. Whether it is a family trip, a trip with friends or a solo, you will need luggage bags. Hence, it is important for it to be as smart as you are. A poor quality bulky travel bag can cause you more harm than you can imagine.

luggage bags

In case you are going bag-hunting any time soon for your upcoming trip, here are a few tips that can help you to choose the right one:

A. Picking the right type

  • Luggage bags with 360 degree rotating wheels

If you are buying a travel bag with wheels, it is better if you go for the ones with 360 degree rotating wheels. The wheels make it much more convenient to move the bag, especially on long stretches at the airport lounges or railway stations. Luggage bags with stiff wheels can make things difficult for you, especially if it is a heavy one. It can also inadvertently hurt the foot of an innocent co-passenger who may not be considerate enough to listen to your apologies.

rotating wheels

  • Backpacks

For an outdoor camp or hiking, backpacks tend to be the best option. They come in a variety of sizes, and you can choose the one that suits your preferences.

bag packs

  • Suit up

If you are buying a suitcase, choose the one that has sectioned pockets inside. This will help you to organize as well as separate your items easily.

  • Soft bag

A soft bag can always be squeezed easily in the overhead compartments when you are traveling. They are light weight and also have the ability to withstand shocks better. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is that they should be of good quality; otherwise, there is a possibility of the bags getting damaged.

B. Features that you should consider

  • Opt for bright colors

It is always wise to choose luggage bags which have a vibrant and bright color. That way, it will not be difficult for you to locate your bag in the crowd. If you think twice, that actually saves you a lot of hassle and time.

colorful trolley bags

  • Detachable back clips

There are bags which come with detachable back clips, thus allowing you to clip a second bag to the main bag. Your hands will be free which ultimately makes your travelling easier.

  • Test the bag

You should always test the bag you intend to buy properly before making the purchase. Walk around to analyse if the handle is of comfortable length, if the fabric is good and the straps feel comfortable.

  • Selecting the right type

The type of bag that you take on your journey also depends on the mode of transport that you will be using. If you have to change your transport multiple times to reach your destination, it would be better for you to use a light weight wheeled or carry-on backpack which can be handled easily. It would also fit the overhead compartments of the plane, train or the bus that you will be traveling in.

luggage bags

Your journey of a hundred miles will definitely have your bag as your constant companion. When you are well equipped, it makes traveling much more comfortable and easier.  Brands like Wildcraft, American Tourister, V.I.P. and Samsonite are among the top brands featuring a wide range of luggage bags that come with a blend of style, comfort and durability. Come at Acropolis to shop for your favorite bags at our luggage stores like V.I.P, American Tourister & Samsonite. Bon Voyage!

Five quirky fashion trends for office goers that you can shop at Acropolis

It may be hard to believe but your success at the workplace, to an extent, also depends on how you dress. The modern day workplaces have incorporated semi-formals and casual wear as office wear which allows you to experiment a lot with your outfits at the professional front. To ensure that your working days are full of quirk and colour, here are 5 fashion tips listed down to guide you when it comes to choosing your office clothes:

Paisley prints and solids

acropolis mall kolkata

The most trending print of this summer would undoubtedly be paisley prints. The traditional paisley print, known as the tossed parsley with the pine motif portrays a scattered and isolated pattern. This would be perfect for a subtle change in your look without going over-the-top. Choose muted colours as they will give the prints prominence and also keep the tone fine-drawn. If you are not comfortable with completely printed pants, a paisley printed necktie or a pocket square can also serve to be a welcoming change in your look. There is one thing that you must remember though, if you are opting for printed pants, you need to balance it with a self coloured plain shirt. A crisp white shirt can be the perfect thing to team up with your printed pants.


acro kolkata

Considered to be a professional print, pinstripes work well as your office wear and at the same time, they make you look taller. You can wear a striped tie along with it, but make sure that the stripes are of a different pattern. If your suit has vertical stripes, a tie with diagonal stripes will match perfectly. You can also match your tie with the colour of the stripes in your pinstripe suit. The only thing that you need to make sure is that the suit is well fitted; otherwise it can make you look lanky and unprofessional. For women, a pinstriped wrap skirt combined with a feminine top can do the trick. A top with a thin collar and long sleeves is more preferable. A matching blazer, with minimal accessories like stud earrings and a watch will complete the look.


acropolis kolkata

The onset of summer demands wearing of more comfortable clothes. It is the time to avoid your jeans and go for fabrics that keep you relaxed during work. Chinos offers both comfort and style. There are two type of chinos, formal and casuals. Formal chinos give you the look of dress trousers whereas casual chinos resemble your style of denims. For women, you can team up chinos with a dress shirt or a silk blouse. Keep in mind that the fittings should be appropriate; it should be slightly loose, and a bit tapered in the portion from your knees to the ankle. Light and subtle pastel shades work perfectly in the summer months. Team it up with brogues or suede loafers to complete the look.


acropolis mall kolkata

Initially, jumpsuits were only suitable for a casual day out, but women nowadays are also opting for this outfit while going for work. Jumpsuits are getting popularity at work as it is easy to walk around in them and simultaneously, it is classified as comfort wear. If you decide to wear jumpsuits at office, it is advisable that you wear one that is tapered near the ankles. That will make it easier for you to move around at work without looking awkward or unruly. Choose fabrics like linen, cotton which will prevent sweat marks. Another aspect that you need to keep in mind is that the jumpsuit must complement your figure and fit you properly. The neckline, length of the sleeves and the hipline must enhance the shape of your body. You can also add a jacket or blazer for a more professional look, but do not go overboard with the accessories.

Midi dresses

acropolis kolkata

Midi dresses can make you look elegant and professional at the same time. Select a dress that will end slightly above your mid-calf. Light fabrics like mesh will complement your figure without adding much weight. When selecting a midi dress, opt for the A-line cut as it suits all body types. This will accentuate the waist while flaring out towards the end, which creates an elegant and simple style. An additional crop jacket over your dress can also be an option if you want to look slimmer. You can also team it up with a belt to provide extra definition to your waist. Choose a colour that will complement the style and colour of your dress. Minimal accessories and a pair of strapped heel sandals will be enough to complete your look.

Acropolis has got the places for you to master the trends. Stores like Shopper Stop, Peter England, Van Heusen and Louis Philippe has an extensive range of collection that you can choose from as per your taste and preferences. Always remember that your clothes and appearance play a major role when it comes to leaving impressions on people, both personally and professionally.


Include these seven accessories to add glitz to any outfit on Poila Boisakh!

Accessories are necessary add-ons to upgrade your style statement. You can hardly own a complete ravishing look without the right choice of accessories. There is an endless variety of classy or quirky accessories from where you can choose and pick. Some accessories are also essential to your comfort. So, never compromise!

Here is a list of seven vital accessories which are going to glam you up this Poila Boisakh:

1. How would you go without belts?

Pair your trousers with appropriate belts. Leather or cloth, a belt supports your bottom wear well and makes you feel good and confident! Jeans or formal wear, choose your belts accordingly. Flaunt your belts and feel the difference! It’s one of the coolest accessories that you can possess. You can bag a pair of belts from Allen Solly or Levi’s and enrich your wardrobe!

2. Embrace your scarves with love!

Winter or summer, scarves or stoles are your best friends. Scarves are one of the most elegant accessories that a woman possesses! Scarves come in various styles, both formal and informal, sober or funky, brightly colorful or faded shades. You may like to visit a Shopper’s Stop outlet simply to bag your favorite scarves or stoles.

3. ‘Easy’ lies the head that wears a ‘cap’!

Team up your casual wears with some cool and funky accessories like caps. Caps let you walk in style and provides you with precious sun-protection. Make a unique fashion dictum with your caps!  You can fetch a handful of caps from your favourite brands like Adidas or Being Human.

4. Add a touch of grace to your hair with chic hair accessories!

Pick some cute hair accessories like hair sticks, headbands or hair clips to look fashionable! It’s a luxury that a girl can’t avoid! It’s necessary that you choose your hair accessories wisely, depending on your attire. You will find an attractive lot of hair accessories in stores like new u, Shopper’s Stop or even Spencer’s.

5. Watches for all!

For men or women, or just school-going kids, watches are accessories that are unavoidable under any circumstances! A perfect watch just doesn’t help you keep track of time, it also helps you make an impression wherever you go. Adorn your wrist with a classy watch from a store like World of Titan and get going! Party or work, you are all set!

6. Purse or wallet is a must-have accessory!

You can’t simply think of moving out without a purse or a wallet. It is definitely one of the most indispensable accessories that you must have. Impressive wallets or clutches for women come usually in leather. You could also search for wallets made from cotton or jute. Baggit or Shopper’s Stop offer some stunning purses or wallets which could sharpen your craving for them! Get them now!

7. Sunglasses! Count them in!

The implications of sunglasses are manifold. Besides adding on to your style, they protect you from many unpleasant ocular problems. Your handbags must never be deprived of accessories like sunglasses since you have every right to feel safe and feel good! You can get hold of distinguished shades from ‘Ray-Ban’ or ‘Dolce & Gabbana’ in a place like GKB Opticals.


So come and shop all your necessary accessories at Acropolis while – “Shop, Dine, Play & Win Carnival” is still going on till Poila Boisakh where you can stand the chance to win a brand new car or bike or lots of other gifts through Lucky Draw. Guys, what are you waiting for?

Master The Perfect Festive Look This Poila Boisakh, Only At Acropolis

The festive season is fast approaching, and we’re sure you’ve already started planning what outfits you would wear on New Year’s day. This is the perfect time to master one trend—Traditional & Indo-Western fusion wear! Whether it’s a saree with a twist, or wearing basics in a hatke way, here are the outfits to inspire you to rock desi fusion wear this festive season. But where do you go to shop for this year’s Poila Boisakh? Don’t worry– we have some of the most fabulous brands and stores to get you started.  From street smart to high street, Acropolis fashion has something to offer for everyone, create a whole proudly Indian look, or just pick a statement piece for a serious wow factor. Acropolis is your favorite fashion and shopping destinations in Kolkata, thanks to its eclectic mix of fashion, food, beauty and entertainment. Spread over 800,000 square feet, the mall is all one of the most admired, cherished and most-sought after shopping and entertainment destinations in the heart of Kolkata with a brand mix of names like Aurelia, Jashn, Global Desi, Fabindia & Fusion beats. Today we have this season’s hottest Ethnic & Traditional trends for you and we are telling you the places to shop these trends!


Add an interesting twist to your everyday Indian outfit by replacing your salwar/churidar with trousers! Yes, you read that right. A cotton block print kurti paired with trousers can be the perfect change from a downtown traditional look to chic indo-western. Opt for this look for a work meeting and notice the sharp difference yourself! Choose from the various ranges of cotton indo-western kurtis available at Aurelia.

Fusion Beats

The wedding season is done and dusted and everyone’s bored of wearing the same heavy finery over and over again. Now it’s time to break some rules while still keeping our tradition intact! Let’s breathe in some fresh air, amp up our creativity and infuse western elements to our ethnic style! Take a look at some of the trending indo-western themes this season so that every time you’re in a fix about what to wear or how to pair, you know where to go!


Palazzo pants with kurtis was a popular trend in the 1970’s and has become a rage among young girls even today. Known for their comfort and style appeal, palazzos are versatile and look great with almost anything from a casual top to a long kurti. This time, do something different with the fabric. Instead of getting a stunning kurta stitched, get your bottoms stitched in brocade. Then, select a plain top/kurta and go for bold colors. You can try fabrics like silk or velvet. Make it edgy with a long slit or a really deep back cut.


An asymmetric or a high-low hemline can completely change your traditional look to indo-western, making your fashion statement on point. When paired with straight pants they also give an illusion of a taller, slimmer figure. Sartorial elegance need not always be restricted to symmetry because there’s room for almost everything unique and different today! So let’s get a little creative on styling and step out of the traditional “classic” zone.

Global Desi

However, if you are looking for something different, we suggest you modify the look with a pretty silk crop top. Be it a family function, office party or an engagement event, this contemporary look will fetch you all the compliments we believe you deserve! You can spice up the look with a chunky statement neck piece and make it slightly quirky if that works better for you. And what’s more, this look blends style and comfort equally well making you look professional and classy.

So go and grab the latest trends and offers at Acropolis and don’t forget to participate in the unique “Shop, Dine, Play & Win Contest” where you can stand a chance to win a brand new car on Poila Boisakh.

Acropolis Is Announcing A Unique “Shop, Dine, Play & Win Carnival!”

It is raining prizes and gifts at Acropolis! City’s most famous mall has announced today the unique  “Shop, Dine, Play & Win Carnival” from 20th March to 14th April. This contest is planned to set every Kolkatian’s Poila Boisakh way more special this year.

As it has been always given more value to people’s feeling, Acropolis is organizing this contest for its Bengali shoppers in Kolkata, a variety of great offers, prizes and contests to take place on Bengali New Year to make shopping more exciting and fun. Going a long way to forge an emotional connect with customers, Acropolis announced the first three prizes which the winners would cherish all their life – a luxury car, the first prize for the whole family to travel in comfort; the second prize of Motor Bikes, the dream machine for every racing enthusiastic youngster as well as a sturdy companion for long travels for the family; and in tune with the information technology revolution sweeping this country the third prize is of Mobile phone.

acropolis mall

Want to know how? For these few days when you shop or spend a minimum of Rs.2017 (multiple bills) in a day, you are eligible to participate in the contest. For every Rs.2017 spent, you will get one coupon, so the more you spend, more the number of coupons, therefore greater the chances of winning a prize. There is an arrangement to drop the coupons into a drop-box. Then finally the lucky draw will be conducted on 15th April to select the winners.

So go get your shoes ready to visit Acropolis and participate in this awesome contest. You may be the one taking away the car on this Poila Boisakh. Kolkata, let’s feel lucky!

Acropolis Rang De Holi Bash, The Hottest Holi Celebration Of The City :

Holi is the Carnival Of Colors! Holi celebration is performed with a lot of buzz and verve throughout the country. The enthusiasm of the people reaches its peak and matches with the nature which is in full bounty at the time of Holi. So being the “Mall Of Joy” of our city Acropolis was ready with fun filled pre-holi events from 11 to 12th march. This year we had planned to spread joy and color through a very exciting “ Rang De Holi Bash”. The whole was theme based to bring out the bright and playful side in everyone.

Acropolis Kolkata Holi Event

Any festival isn’t complete without food, to satiate everyone’s appetite stalls were with mouthwatering delights. To further enhance the festive spirit of Holi celebrations Acropolis had arranged stalls to get a kick with the tradition of special foods. Also , it was total madness as for people there was the rhythm of dhol in loudest possible pitch. Kolkata witnessed a never-before desi celebration with desi food, desi mood and desi music all together.

Acropolis Rang De Holi Bash Food Stalls

People started at the finger licking chaat counter and tasted DahiVada, Dahipapri & Khastakachorichaat and then made their way to the delicious Koolfi counters. That was the time to lick and click few of the hottest selfies of the event. And surely as Holi is never over without the sips of Thandai there were stalls for super delectable special Thandai, Kesriyathandai & BadamSharbat. The Holi spirit was at it’s best and everyone indulged in treating their taste buds.

It was a magnificent sight to see a celebration inside any mall with such fanfare and fervor, the spirit of Holi and Desiness was in full splendor for these two days at Acropolis. The tagline for this event was buzzing the core of everyone’s heart – ” Ghar na baitho, Holi Hai!”

Acropolis Women’s Day Celebration

A daughter who serves, a sister who loves, a mother who bears, a friend who cares…International Women’s Day on Wednesday 8th March promises to unite women across the globe. The theme for this year is #BeBoldForChange, empowering women to stand up worldwide and mark the occasion in any way that they can. Here at Kolkata, Acropolis celebrated the Woman’s Day to salute the spirit of womanhood. Catch the highlights of the Women’s Day event on 8th of march:

Flowers to every woman

acropolis women's day

Roses were presented to the lovely ladies visiting Acropolis.  

Free Nail Art by artist

acropolis womens day celebration

Acropolis knows how much every lady loves to get a trendy nail art so there were arrangements for free nail art by artists. It was the hottest attraction of the whole event for girls.

Free Mehendi

acropolis womens day celebration

There was a special counter for free mehendi at Women’s Day celebration. So many ladies painted their hands with stunning patterns on this special day.

Free Makeup workshop by Colorbar/ShppersStop/Eyecatcher

acropolis womens day celebration

Every woman is beautiful from her heart and make-up is just a way to express her eternal beauty. Acropolis was offering free makeup workshops on Women’s Day. Ladies of Kolkata grabbed the chance and enjoyed some moments learning tips to groom themselves.

20% discount on Foodcourt

acropolis womens day celebration

Strictly not for those who are on Diet! There was 20 % flat discount for ladies at Acropolis Foodcourt on Women’s Day. Ladies had a great time forgetting about calories and creating some beautiful memories there!

The Women’s Day celebration at Acropolis was truly unique in the whole the city. The spirit of the day was enlivened by beautiful smiles, girly chats and zealous faces all over the mall. We Salute the power and potential of every woman in the world,  it’s only because of you why the day is so special.

Acropolis, A treat to Kolkata’s sweet tooth!

Kolkata is a place where no meal is considered complete without a touch of dessert. Sweets are the best stress-busters, now it is our time to look beyond our traditional sweet delicacies and try the flavors from the rest of the world. Acropolis has brought world’s leading bakeries and coffee shops under a single roof. Life has never felt any sweeter before!

Planning for a complete makeover? Visit Acropolis!

Do you have a big date coming up, or do you just want to look and feel beautiful? Makeovers are a great way to cheer up, to steer away boredom, and to feel better about yourself. If you have something similar going inside your mind then Acropolis should be your destination this time. Where else would you get so many salons and cosmetic brands under one roof? Summer is making a comeback and before heat strides rule Kolkata get your much-desired makeover done!


colorbar store at acropolis mall
We may drool over various cosmetics brands of the world, but you can’t deny when you buy a Colorbar product, it kind of feels like ‘Home’ !! Familiar, comforting and yet an array of beautiful colors to choose from! From a brand that was pretty unheard of 5 years back to one of the top Indian beauty brands today, Colorbar has come a super long way. As a makeup lover, if your style is to look chic and sensual, try you should definitely try out Colorbar products.

Eye Catcher’s

eye catchers salon at acropolis

EyeCatchers is attracting men and women from all age groups by providing them a glamorous transformation from being simple to becoming stylish. After stepping out of the salon with a complete makeover, tit’s clients become trendsetters with a brand new fashion statement. Admired and awarded at various regional and national levels, they have beaten all other leading brands of skin and hair treatments across India.
Eye Catchers is well known for offering quality hair styling services for both men and women. Loyal to the idea of making you look and feel fabulous, they focus on offering the best hair and beauty services to the people of Kolkata. EyeCatchers offers various schemes to make the experience more memorable. To avail a trendy haircut and a slaying hot new look, head to Eyecatcher’s at Acropolis.

Thai Spa

the thai spa at acropolis

Detox yourself with a refreshing Thai body massage and feel rejuvenated from inside. The Thai Spa offers most rejuvenating massage services like Hot Stone Therapy, Lomi Lomi Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Four hand Massage etc along with Body wraps, Foot spa, Rose and Milk bath with several other facial massages to restore the natural balance and hydration of the body and to get rid of the pollutants and impurities. Each massage therapy has its own healing properties that are useful in treating various disorders apart from providing holistic rejuvenation.Thai massage is an ancient healing ritual comprising of manual pressure, herb extracts and yoga postures. So make some time for yourself, pamper your body with the goodness of Thai massage and relax. Do visit The Thai Spa at Acropolis.


parcos store at acropolis
A perfume can complete an outfit, uplift your mood and give you the confidence to get through any day. If you are thinking about a makeover how can you forget about changing the way you smell? Being the only destination shop for a fascinating range of international beauty products, fragrances, cosmetics and skincare in India, Parcos has been a leading retail store. The range of products that are offered in Parcos has been created keeping the demand of Indian consumers in mind. Brands like Calvin Klien, Cartier, Davidoff, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Ferrari, Gucci, Georgio Armani, Lacoste, Prada, Ralph Lauren, Versace and so on have become the choice of the young India.

Nothing is better than reinventing yourself so don’t go for a drastic makeover that changes you to someone else. Just look the best in your way and selfie away! Acropolis gives you the chance to transform yourself with just a single visit. Shop what you like, wear what suits and do not forget to feel beautiful.

Acropolis Valentines Extravaganza, biggest valentines celebration of the city

Acropolis was deluged with the visits of people who wanted to make their Valentine’s Day much more special this year with the grand celebrations awaiting there. An intermingling surge of excitement and satisfaction were overwhelming everyone’s senses. The crowd had a life of its own, it was the happiest crowd of the world and the people were seen craving the warm vibe of valentines event. There was chatter between couples everywhere, old friends catching up, new friends being made. The hustle and bustle brought a new verve to the mall. Shopping was more exciting this time as the whole mall was beautifully decorated in the theme of Valentine’s Week and the feeling of love was diffused in the air. Acropolis was all set to turn every visitor’s day into a perfect valentine’s date of their life, let’s check out some happiest moments the extravaganza-


Gift galore – The spirit of love were buoyed by so many fun contests going around at Acropolis on this valentine’s day. People were delighted to participate in all these activities and the contest winners took away exclusive valentine’s gifts to their home. Among them, 5 super-lucky couples were chosen for the Grand Prize of this extravaganza.


Candlelight at food court – This valentine’s day Acropolis gave the chance for taking your relationship to those places you have always dreamt of. There was candlelight dinner for couples at the acropolis food court with live saxophone symphony and guitarists. It was a perfect ambiance of fairy tale, with music connecting the souls and the candles enlivening the romance between the couples. May these memories dazzle forever!


Romeo and Juliet – facebook timelines of those who visited Acropolis will no longer be dull as Romeo & Juliet were flown all the way from the Caribbean just to click some selfies. These lovebirds were something we loved to love! People at Acropolis met these two guests and had their selfies painted with colors.


The Globe of Love – It became the centerpiece of the day for couples. People snuggled up with their loved one inside the beautifully decorated Globe of Love and captured those moments inside. There were some sparkling memories of togetherness for every couple who visited this globe of love.


Grand Prize – The 5 lucky couples chosen from acropolis contests got a chance for free candle light dinner at Princeton Club. It was a lavish dinner with live violinists surrounding them and playing music exclusively for them. Those moments amidst the romantic gleam of candlelight were felt no less than a movie scene.